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Legal Consulting and Assistance

Are you dealing with a complex workers’ compensation or personal injury case and have questions? Look no further than the Samuels Reynolds Law Firm. Our team is well-versed in these cases and is always willing to work with you to obtain the best solution for your client. We love working with, and for, other lawyers and sharing attorney fees.  We’re based in Columbia, South Carolina, and serve the entire state and beyond throughout the country.


Workers’ Compensation and Third-Party Case at the same time?

Many of our referred cases are from lawyers who work only on workers’ compensation or personal injury cases, but not both.  As you know, one client may have both claims from the same accident and careful attention needs to be paid to both claims to ensure that one claim does not hurt the other and, even more, each claim supports and maximizes the other.  This is a delicate balance.  Many of our best results have come from handling both the workers’ compensation claim, and personal injury claim out of a single accident.

Services We Offer

Turn to Attorney Stephen Samuels, our certified mediator, for difficult workers’ compensation cases with challenging legal and factual issues. Stephen has over 25 years of experience in complex workers’ comp cases, including numerous appeals, and can mediate even the most difficult cases.


Consulting & Joint Responsibility
Workers’ Compensation
If you have a complicated workers’ compensation case, let Attorney Stephen Samuels review your case and create a plan to get the best result possible for your client. We can work together with you or take the lead on a joint responsibility arrangement.


Trucking Cases
Trucking cases are complex, with issues related to federal regulations and state requirements. Attorney Jason Reynolds has nearly 10 years of experience defending catastrophic trucking cases and is ready to help you maximize your client’s recovery under a joint responsibility agreement.


Appellate Practice
Attorney Stephen Samuels is an experienced appellate lawyer who has appeared before the South Carolina Supreme Court and Court of Appeals over 30 times in the last 25 years. He can help at any level of your case, from trial or hearing to briefing or oral argument. Cases are handled on a flat rate or a contingency fee under a joint responsibility agreement.

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