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Are you facing massive hospital bills or lost wages after a slip and fall accident? If the accident happened because the property wasn’t well cared for or the property owner didn’t warn you about a dangerous condition, you may have a case for compensation. The team at the Samuels Reynolds Law Firm in Columbia, South Carolina, will listen to your concerns and evaluate your case.


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Why You Need a Slip and Fall Lawyer

Property owners have a responsibility to make their property safe or warn of unsafe conditions. When they’re careless or negligent, they can be held responsible for injuries on their property. An experienced attorney will help you determine if you have a case to seek damages.


What Should You Do If You’re Hurt in a Slip and Fall?

If you’re injured, seek medical care right away and call us at the Samuels Reynolds Law Firm.

Be sure to follow these steps:

  • We often instinctively apologize when hurt or embarrassed.  If the fall wasn’t your fault, don’t tell anyone it was your fault or apologize.
  • Ask to fill out an accident report if you’re in a store or other commercial property.
  • Get the names of the owners and any witnesses.
  • Take pictures of the premises and injury.
  • Save your clothing, especially if it is wet or oily from a foreign substance.
  • Do not give any statements to insurance adjusters until you speak to your attorney.

True Results.

Samuels Reynolds


Judgement secured against convenience store after client fell causing severe back injury.

Samuels Reynolds


Client tripped over an unmarked parking stop in a parking lot.

Slip & Fall

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